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Moldex Properies is not just another property developer. We are the only developer in the area who can provide you with service that is geared towards making the doodles and dreams in your head, a reality today. Whether you seek a residential home or a cluster of condominiums as an investment into your future, we are here to walk the path with you providing valuable insight into the market and offering advice on how best to create the environment you seek.

We are single handedly changing the face of real estate, on brick at a time, one project at a time.

Our Mission

As a property developer who has the interest of the Filipino people at heart, we strive to create affordable, reliable options that are guaranteed to provide upliftment and lifestyle enhancement. This is itself is not an easy task, however, we are mastering it from day to day.

As a company, organization and clear set goals and statements are required in order to gain the success we desire and provide the service the community is longing for. We work with our predetermined statements and goals always steadfast in our minds. These eight steps are our gateway to providing a better lifestyle for all.

Reguge - when you invest in a home for your family, you expect this to be the safehaven they can return to each day where they feel comfortable, safe and secure. The last thing you want is a home slap bang in the middle of a noisy, polluted and congested area. These are key factors we take into account when making decisions with you on an area best suited to your family.

Realization of Dreams
- Your home is something that you have dreamed about for some time, you have expectations on what it will look like and of course the comfort and features it will provide. At Moldex we strive to bring your dreams to life. Our planning and desing are aimed at providing you with your hearts desire, within you budget constraints.

Built For You
- We, as property developers, understand that different lifestyles have different needs and requirements and we offer you the choice of what you want included in your package. We build your home according to your personal preferences, needs, requirements and dreams.
Your home should be more than just a roof, it should be a space in which you can really live - All too often we live in built up areas that take us away from the beauty of nature. At Moldex we strive to create communities where you can really live, breathe and relax in your safehaven.

Pride -
Your home is a reflection of you, who you are and how hard you have worked to get to this position in your life. Whether you live in a small yet cozy
home or a sprawling mansion, this is your achievement and one you should be proud of.

Trust and relationships -
we believe that fostering relationships with our clients is the only way ot achieve success. Our doors are always open whether there are complaints or praise, we welcome any feedback we can get. We are here to create the perfect living environment for you.

- Before we undertake any development, you can rest assured that we have researched properly. Every area we choose to build on is stable, secure and safe. The perfect place to raise your family.

Lastly, Moldex Realty is a proud part of the Moldex Group. The group is known for their excellence and high standards in every part of industry they touch on. Plastics, marketing, real estate and construction products, all areas we excel in.

We truly believe that every Filipino family deserves the finest things in life and a quality home is one of them. Allow Moldex to help you realize that dream today.

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What Residential Property Types Do We Have On Offer?

At Moldex Realty you are guaranteed to find your perfect environment within one of our offered residential types. Every property we develop has been carefully placed in an area that will provide you with complete safety, security, accessibility and most importantly value for your money.

Metrogate communities are the gateway the city life. It gives you a place to sneak away to each night, enjoy the quiet comfort yet still have easy access to the city life. Working in the city can be stressful. The peace of mind that you have a safehaven to return to each evening that is fairly close by is valuable.

Heritage homes are modern, practical and comfortable. These homes offer residents clean living far from the polluted city centers but still allow fast and easy access to the city when the time necessitates it. The kinds of homes are primarily located in the North and South regions of Manila and are built with comfort and security in mind. Great care is taken with each and every unit.

The grand series homes are located primarily in the metro areas. They are built vertically.These prestigious residential homes provide gorgeous views of the Manila Bay sunset and the cityscape.

Whether your dream home revolves around the quieter, suburban lifestyle or you prefer to be in the throws of the citylife excitement, we have something for you. Pick one of our sites and begin to plan for your future. Our design team will make magic with mere thoughts floating around in your head. Your mere inkling of a dream is a reality that is within your reach. Stretch your hands and grasp it today.

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Some of our dream home locations - Projects that are sure to impress

Moldex Realty undertakes projects that we know will enrich the lives of the Filipino people, regardless of whether you live in North Manila, South Manila or right in the heart of Manila. We have carefully selected all our locations to provide and foster environments that are safe, comfortable and secure in every way imaginable.

North Manila

MetroGate San Jose - this is a residential development built with family values in mind. Located in San Jose Del Monte, you won’t find a more secure, convenient, comfortable place to ensure your family lives the lifestyle they deserve.

Moldex Residences Valenzuela - Residential accommodation best suited to individuals who commute daily to work or school. Located next to the Valenzuela Exit of North Luzon Expressway, access for travel is quick and convenient, however, luxury, safety and comfort are most certainly not compromised.

MetroGate Spring Meadows - Located in a prime part of Bulacan, this residential facility provides spacious, comfortable and luxurious homes with all amenities located within a close vicinity in the residential area. Everything you could dream of right on your doorstep.

Heritage Homes Marilao - Suburban living at its best. Far from the humdrum of the city and the pollution and congestion it brings with it. Marilao, Bulacan is the place for you. Enjoy spacious luxury and the suburban lifestyle made for families to thrive in.

South Manila

MetroGate Silang Estates - Escape the busy life of the city and enjoy the peaceful tranquility. Perfect for family living. Located in Silang Cavite, home to the bright and breezy climate that the South of Manila is known for.

MetroGate Indang - Small town charm and easy living all rolled into one expansive residence. A perfect place for those who still wish to work in the city. MetroGate Indang offer a safehaven far from the madding crowds, yet, close enough to make the commute daily.

Heritage Spring Homes - Home to a number of elite schools and universities, this is the prime spot for families with children. Provide your family with clean, safe, comfortable living far from the city buzz and be sure that they have the opportunity to excel educationally as well.

Alegria at Dos Rios - Bordered by the foothills of Tagaytay on one end and the scenic fields that surround Laguna de Bay, a truly magnificent setting. This are is ideal and destined for the development of a modern community in the future.

Heart of Manila

Grand Riviera Suites - 55 Stories of pure modern design. Views of the harbor that will take your breathe away.

1322 Roxas Boulevard - Prestige and luxury at its finest. 57 Stories of spacious, modern living perfect for those who belong in the heart of the city.

The Grand Towers Manila - Strategically positioned to provide residential bliss to young professionals, families, entrepreneurs and students alike. 47 Stories of sophistication that is the perfect place for the mix of inhabitants. Vibrant, modern and stylish.

As it is well apparentm, Moldex truly does know how to use the best points of each location to the advantage of the development. The benefits to the future inhabitants so vast that you just have to have one of these residences. North of Manila offers comfort and convenience, the heart of Manila modern living and the south is known for its country charm to which Moldex has added a dash of modern living.

We are completely committed to quality, integrity and excellence in every project we undertake. We help you find a new place to call home, one perfectly suited to you, one that is your dream brought to life.

Do our homes suit only a certain niche?

The wonderful thing about Moldex realty is the fact that we are able to successfully cater for any walk of life, any age group and any professional level. We realize that the Filipino community is a diverse one and that each and every person deserves to have their lives uplifted and their living environment created to provide comfort and safety. A home.

Our developments are as diverse as the people we cater for. You need only browze through our successfully completed developments to seek out the one that is perfectly suited to your requirements. Whether you are a young family starting out, an elderly couple looking for a place to retire, or a vibrant, young professional forging your path to success, we have a place for you to call home.

Speak to our professional consultants who will better be able to point you in the right direction. Once we understand your lot in life at the present moment, we will best be able to advise you on a residential property that you will be proud to call your own. After all, your home is the biggest asset you may ever own and it should portray your personality and lifestyle to the letter.

Business Opportunities with Moldex Realty

At Moldex we are all about enriching the lives of the Filipino people. Creating safe, comfortable and secure environments is one such way we approach this, however, not the only one. Moldex is making an effort to create working positions for everyday Filipino people. The positions can be fulfilled remotely and provide many people entering the job market with a degree of freedom to really explore their potential. The opportunites are available to all between the ages of 18 and 40 years. For many this may be their chance to prove their worth in the working world. The harder your work, the more richly you are rewarded. What more of an incentive do you need? We give you the tools to create your own future.

Moldex is so much more than a company who builds houses. We create homes that reflect the people who will live in them. Our developments encourage you to take part in what nature has provided and offer an escape from the chaos of the city if you so choose. The areas are carefully selected with safety and convenience in mind, taking advantage of the best qualities of each area we choose to develop in.

Make use of Moldex and guarantee a happy future and a home you will absolutely love returning to each night. Your home is your sanctuary and that my dear readers are the truest words ever spoken.